All About BioBase

-By Sania Patel


Mental health is a term that is constantly used. It is mainly used to describe conditions of stress or depression, as these are the most common types of mental health issues. Today, the importance of mental health is becoming extremely popular. More and more people are depending on artificial intelligence, medications, and therapy to improve their mental health as the world becomes increasingly hard to live in.

As previously mentioned, mental health is becoming a more significant concern. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have recognized mental illnesses as the most common health condition in the United States. The CDC reports, “more than 50 percent will be diagnosed with a mental illness or disorder at some point in their lifetime.” This jump has been credited mainly to the Covid-19 pandemic as it caused extreme isolation, leading to depression and social anxiety.

AI, or artificial intelligence, is intelligence demonstrated by machines instead of the natural intelligence displayed by humans. The four types of AI are reactive machines, limited memory, theory of mind, and self-awareness. Examples of AI include email spam filters, conversational robots, intelligent assistants, and self-driving cars.

BioBase is a mental health app that uses AI to reduce stress and improve overall mental wellbeing. The app uses mindfulness, biofeedback interventions, cognitive behavioral therapy, and behavioral activation theory to reduce the amount of stress in an individual. Created by BioBeats, the BioBase app was released on August 10, 2020. Since then, it has helped hundreds of individuals track and manages their stress.

BioBase uses guided wellbeing courses and breathing techniques to help people control their stress. The app uses a “wellbeing score” to motivate users to participate in lessons, activities, and exercises aimed at bettering their mental health. BioBase uses personal data to form the wellbeing score and then uses a combined set of the data and the score to curate a unique mental health plan. The BioBase app also comes with a band similar to a Fitbit called a BioBeam. The BioBeam connects to the app to perform real-time health tracking through sleep and physical activity. Overall, with the combined set of the BioBeam and the BioBase app, AI technology tracks sleep patterns, movement, mood, and heart rhythm to reduce stress.

A randomized controlled trial conducted by university students in the United Kingdom proved the usefulness of the app, BioBase, and its ability to manage stress and anxiety. Using the mobile app and the paired wearable device - BioBeam - students found that, through a four-week intervention, individuals had significantly reduced pressure and increased perceived well-being. There was also a significant reduction in stress and depression levels. Overall, this study shows the efficacy of AI in mental health care through the applications of BioBase and BioBeam, which aim to better one’s mental health. Through the examples of BioBase, the usage of AI in mental health care services becomes apparent. Many individuals do not have the time, money, or access to mental health care services. Better mental health can be promoted and widely spread through apps and devices similar to BioBase and BioBeam.