All About Sanvello

-By Sania Patel


Mental health care is often hard to access due to outside commitments, lack of access, and overall diminishing faith in the ability of the service to treat mental illnesses. People often find issues with confiding in therapists and other medical professionals. They also find it hard to make time in their schedule and commit to the changes made in their lives.

These shocking realities clearly prove the need for AI in mental health care services. In today’s era, there is a growing demand for mental health care services, however, factors such as expense, accessibility, and commitment often push minorities and lower-income individuals towards avoiding treatment. Due to its virtual nature, AI has the ability to connect with a patient from anywhere, at any time. Mental health care services are mainly using AI to power desktop and mobile phone applications, thus lowering the cost of treatment. Altogether, this transition is allowing lesser individuals to receive the necessary treatment to work their way out of poverty, addiction, abuse, or any other common problems of this group’s particular lifestyle.

Sanvello is one of the many mental health care apps created to diagnose and treat patients, however, this app goes a step further by offering meditation plans rather than suggesting expensive medications and therapies. Sanvello aims to rewire an individual’s inner thoughts allowing them to recognize and understand their thoughts and emotions. Through this practice, patients are able to maintain their mental state while receiving certain treatments to directly attack the condition they face.

Recently named the top-rated app for stress, anxiety, and depression, Sanvello has gained over three million users. These three million users have developed a strong sense of community and leadership. Sanvello user, Jess Nichole, comments,

“ I’m new to this app, but I haven’t seen one hateful comment towards another person. Everyone on here is so open-minded and you guys never judge.”

To uplift the community, Sanvello uses both its AI technology and partnerships with influencers. To help with anxiety, Sanvello has invited John Green, New York Times Bestselling author, to teach the management of anxiety. Aly Raisman - gold medal gymnast and mental health advocate - has been invited to explore the causes of stress. Finally, Roxanne Battle has joined the scene to be a helping hand. She acts as the human-to-human interaction to allow patients to talk about personal issues they might face.

Savello also offers four types of AI-based treatment plans. Targeting self-care, peer support, coaching, and therapy, these sections provide well-rounded health care. The app uses the aspect of self-care through mood tracking, guided journeys, coping tools, and progress assessments. The information for each sector is gained through mainly daily quizzes and conversations, in which AI adapts and trains itself to ask questions that allow it to further assess an individual’s true feelings and thoughts. Peer support is provided through a community. The app allows users to chat with each other and give feedback, thoughts, suggestions, and inspiration to motivate others to complete their plans and better themselves. The sector of coaching is fewer AI-based, as it promotes interactions with medical health care professionals, however, it offers a wide range of services through online chat platforms. This aspect allows patients to receive care at their convenience, with a lowered cost. Finally, Senvello offers therapy. This therapy, compared to traditional therapy, is completely personalized. After a user completes the initial assessments, AI is used to find the best therapist from the team of Senvello. The chosen therapist will be matched with the patient and develop the perfect plan assessing all the needs of the patient.

Overall, Senvello is a mental health care app that uses AI to power interactions between other users and therapists. AI is also used to curate treatment plans and provide meditation guides, assessments, and tracking devices to allow a user to view their behaviors, thoughts, actions, and the progression of their mental illness. Sanvello is an affordable, easy way to access proper mental health care services - over forty million Americans have already joined Sanvello with coverage from their health care plan.

Sanvello, along with other AI mental health services, may have the ability to replace certain aspects of the field, however, as seen with this example, human interaction is still necessary. Whether it be a team of similar patients or a therapist, a guiding hand is always needed and appreciated when it is personal, caring, and understanding.