All about Talkspace

-By Sania Patel


Mental health is mainly used to describe conditions of stress or depression, as these are the most common types of mental health issues. Today, the importance of mental health is becoming extremely popular. More and more people are depending on artificial intelligence, medications, and therapy to better their mental health as the world becomes increasingly harder to live in.

Mental health care is often hard to access due to outside commitments, lack of access, and overall diminishing faith in the ability of the service to treat mental illnesses. People often find issues with confiding in therapists and other medical professionals. They also find it hard to make time in their schedule and commit to the changes made in their lives.

Talkspace is a mobile and desktop application that finds the perfect therapist for its patients. The process is completely virtual. First, the patient is required to take a sixty-second long online assessment. Next, a list of therapists will be connected with the patient that fits their specific needs. After choosing a payment plan, the patient is allowed to start virtual therapy and connect with their therapist through direct messaging. In just four easy steps, individuals are able to easily access mental health treatment. Talkspace allows patients to switch therapists at no extra cost, saves more money than the average in-person therapy treatment plan, creates flexible plans to meet their needs and lifestyle, and it helps eliminate commute time and scheduling hassles.

According to the Journal of Telemedicine e-Health and the Journal of Clinical Psychology, eighty percent of the tested individuals found Talkspace to be as effective or more effective than traditional therapy. Another ninety-eight percent found it to be more convenient than traditional therapy. Overall, only twenty-five percent of people like the aspects of face-to-face therapy, while forty-four percent prefer using Talkspace.

Due to the virtual nature of the program, patients are allowed to connect with their therapists at any time. User Kayla Nicole comments,

“Thank god for Talkspace therapy, Sending my therapist messages at 2 in the morning feels less weird when that’s how most of your communication occurs.”

Another user, Sammy Keyes, writes,

“I like Talkspace. It’s nice to be able to say what I need to and have somebody check in with me daily to give me feedback. It makes me feel more grounded and determined to do things.”

Altogether, Talkspace offers live and messaging therapy, and, although costs vary depending on the availability of therapists and the type of treatment, many people still use the website. With mental health services implementing more virtual systems, a program such as Talkspace is beneficial to both the patient and therapists. While the patients are able to find a therapy that is cheap and accessible, therapists are able to continue their career paths. Systems similar to Talkspace do not eliminate the need for therapists, instead of allowing the therapist’s reach to expand. Virtual therapists are definitely part of the future of mental health care, as it allows patients to truly commit to their plans. It also helps minorities access mental health care services and possibly dig themselves out of poverty and their personal mental health issues.