Our Team

Achintya Jha

Founder and Developer

Achintya Jha is a class 12 student at Ahlcon International School, where he is studying the sciences along with Computer Science. He believes that innovation and ideas must be made accessible to all at no costs, and his projects are aimed at giving back to the society. His experience with technology has allowed him to develop solutions at the intersection of tech and society. He has single-handedly developed StuClan and SentiMate after close to 2 years of research and aims to make these platforms available to everyone, for which, he is working on scaling this project further.

Ishaan Shaurya Chamoli

Director of Operations

Ishaan Shaurya Chamoli is a junior year student at Ridge Valley, India working towards combining his interest in Computer Science, especially Artificial Intelligence and the limitless possibilities he believes it can achieve, with an urge to help society and make as much of an impact as possible. His initial interest in solving problems faced across the world, including mental health, started as he was exposed to discussions and research on global problems combatted by the United Nations through over 4 years and 50+ conferences of participation in Model UN as a Delegate, Trainer, and Collegiate Chairperson.
Ishaan has also been conferred with Intel’s Global AI Enthusiast Award as its International Top 10 and National Winner, been invited to the prestigious IIT Kharagpur for presentation, and received a prototyping grant by the Indian Government’s Dept. of Science and Technology for his multiple technological innovations on societal development.
Fitting this combination of impacting society, research, and AI-oriented technological innovation perfectly with the organisation’s ideals, Ishaan serves as the Head of all Operations at SentiMate.

Ziyoda Alimatova

Mental Health Volunteer & STEM Advocate

She is a high school student from Uzbekistan, who truly loves bringing an impact to the community, seeing them improve, and making them happy. She cares for the society and makes sure to always contribute as much as she can. Teaching is one among the many initiatives she has taken; she recently volunteered as a teacher for middle school children. Her interest in STEM subjects draws her towards SentiMate, where STEM is leveraged to solve societal problems. She hopes to use her knowledge and skills to help those in need.

Juman Maher Mohammed Said Alsayeh

Senior Researcher & Contributor

Juman Alsayeh is a grade 9 student at Almorooj Secondary School, Jordan. She is a very organized person and she always makes an effort to help the society. Currently, she is learning the sign language. Outside of SentiMate, she leads her team at the Junior academy and is interested in research, analysis, and problem-solving. She is deeply concerned about the problems around mental health and through SentiMate, she aims to help in revealing the various problems and stigmas in the society and find solutions for them.

Sabare Victor

Head of Outreach & Mental Health Advocate

Sabare Victor is a grade 12 student at Alliance High School, Kenya, where he is studying the sciences along with Computer Science. He is one who is passionate about new technologies and how availability of vast data makes these possibilities true. His passion for tech has seen him through rigorous online Data science and Artificial Intelligence courses. He hopes to one day become an A.I. professional, dealing mostly with health data and research. His interest in mental health is because he believes that data can be used for good to transform people's lives and to improve the productivity of this generation. He hopes to make people more aware of the importance of mental health in this age of data revolution.

YiWei Hu

Head of Outreach & Mental Health Advocate

YiWei Hu is a grade 11 student at Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy. He's persistent in things that he pursues and he is now working on programs to innovate creative ways to utilize sustainable energies and help solve the global challenges. He's passionate about dealing with global issues about sustainability using inter-disciplinary knowledge. He's fond of problem-solving and deep-studying academic research to collaborate with others and handle these challenges. He's deeply motivated to be a person with profound views.

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